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Military Colleges

Military Colleges and Universities attempt to provide a service-based education focused in military respect, tradition, and leadership.

Some Military Colleges focus on preparing students for service in the officer corps of the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, while others have no formal relationship with the armed forces.

Most Military Colleges and Universities offer bachelor’s level degrees in a wide variety of subject areas, with an emphasis in leadership and service.



Military Colleges, Schools, Universities:

There are military schools at every level of education n the United States, including college preparatory institutions, two-year college schools, and more traditional four-year colleges and universities. Each educational institution offers unique challenges and great opportunities for student's across the country.

- Quality education is the foundation at all military schools, preparing young men and women to be strong leaders and productive citizens.

- Military schools offer an exceptional academic value with emphasis on character development and leadership training.

- Military schools pride themselves and their students on core values like honor, integrity, duty, service and self-discipline.

- Service is a rewarding aspect of school, and military schools emphasize developing a lifelong commitment to community and country.

- Experience suggests that a structured setting like that found at military schools provides an ideal academic environment in which to learn and mature.


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Types of Military Schools

Military Preparatory Schools for students grades K-12 understand how vital the formative pre-college years are for young students. They recognize that values and habits learned by students during this sensitive time can have a lifelong impact. Each student at a military preparatory school receives not only an excellent academic foundation, but also an essential set of life skills.

Contrary to popular opinion, most military preparatory schools are not havens for troubled youth with rigid disciplinary systems. Instead, they are quality, accredited, and highly regarded educational institutions that emphasize academic growth and leadership development.

The goal of these schools is to prepare each student for college and for a productive life, and they have a proven record of sending graduates to some of the best colleges and universities across the nation.

Two-Year Military Colleges build on the foundation of military preparatory schools by continuing the traditions of a quality education structured in an environment of self-discipline and self-motivation. The goal of these military colleges is to prepare students for the rigors of four-year institutions or successful careers in numerous professions, including military service. These two-year military colleges focus on the intellectual aspects of higher education as well as individual character development through programs tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of students with diverse career aspirations.

Four-Year Military Colleges and Universities focus on the future in providing a high-quality, exceptional education that prepares graduates to become principled leaders in many walks of life. They offer a broad range of academic majors and programs that parallel those at most universities throughout the country. Some military colleges additionally offer programs specifically related to the maritime industry, aeronautical engineering, government service, and military careers for men and women, while others offer a traditional liberal arts education.

Those who complete the rigorous academic programs will possess the competencies and knowledge needed to succeed in the global environment, whether in the military or not. While many choose to serve as military officers, all graduates develop the leadership skills and ethical foundation that will contribute to a lifetime of leadership success in any industry.

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