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Culinary Colleges, Cooking Colleges

Culinary Schools are devoted to education in the art and science of food preparation. Most Culinary Colleges also award degrees that indicate a student has completed a particular curriculum that proves their competency at certain levels of cooking expertise.

Depending on the particular Culinary School, students can earn specialized certificates, associates degrees, and even bachelor’s degrees.

Quite uniquely, Culinary Schools are often times associated with public restaurants, where students can acquire cooking experience in a real restaurant environment.



Culinary Schools and Cooking Colleges:

The experience of going to culinary school varies from one institution to the next. Some culinary arts programs are part of traditional community colleges or four-year universities, so the experience is quite similar to any other college experience at that school.

Other students get their culinary arts degrees from institutions that are specifically dedicated to training chefs. In this case, the experience can immerse students in the world of food and drink, surrounding them with peers and experienced faculty who are all equally as dedicated to the culinary experience.

While every culinary education experience is different, there are a few things that every chef-in-training should expect.


Recent News about Culinary Schools:

One thing that makes culinary school different from other schools is the kitchen facilities. While traditional students attend classes in lecture halls and perform school work in labs, culinary students complete much of their coursework in kitchen facilities that are similar to a professional kitchen. Even if the culinary school program is part of a larger institution that offers a wide variety of degree programs, the culinary students will have a different experience in that they will likely be cooking almost every day. While the typical college student is wearing jeans and t-shirts, a culinary student will likely need to wear traditional chef's clothing to prepare for the real world of cooking.

The tools that students use in preparation for their culinary arts degree are much different from the tools that an liberal arts graduate, engineering major or other type of 'traditional' college student will use during their academic career. The school will provide some equipment during classes, but chefs also need to have things like professional knives, food processors, blenders and other cooking tools to use on their own.

Culinary students can earn many different levels of degrees just like other students, ranging from certificate programs and associate's degrees all the way to bachelor's degrees and even doctorates. A culinary arts degree is just like any other - it must be from an accredited institution to have validity in the workplace.

With a qulity culinary school education, there is no limit to what a young chef can 'cook up' in their career.

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